Flowers at Night

Flowering tonight at a location near you. The flower of Peace. Please help the King in his efforts to cultivate this magical plant.


Lament for the children of Gaza

This piece of music sprang from the onslaught of images of children from Gaza. Be warned that some of these images are pretty horrific.

My intention in putting this together is to bring forward revulsion that this can happen, as a riposte to the arguments as to whether such violence is right or wrong, whether it is justified or not.

Are we an evolved species? This is not only about Gaza it is about it’s about us, human-kind.

I overheard a man talking about his kitchen in my local supermarket today, he said “my kitchen looks like a bomb hit it” I thought “tell that to a Gazan” How far removed from these atrocities we are, and yet our tax’s help pay for the weaponry that is being used, our governments refusal to condemn Israel, and yet in the same breath will condemn ISIS in an instant, brings in to sharp focus the double standards and hypocrisy of the UK and the US.

This is not new, we have been killing each other throughout our history. As far as I can ascertain, in all of recorded history there have only a couple of hundred years where there were no wars happening and those periods followed massive empire building.

Only now we can see it, we can sit in our comfortable rooms and see the children cut in half. We must speak out against this in any way we can. To not speak up is to condone it.

I also intended to write an emotive piece of music.

Peace Francis