We need superman

We need superman

We’ve made this world a place so entangled with greed and intrigue, so mired in desperation that It’s become place where normal acts of decency get hailed as heroic, while despicable acts are normalised and justified.

Some fiercely rail at injustice, beating on the iron doors of power and wealth, barely making a scratch, while others watch movies about superheroes and comic book characters who fight a surrogate battle against evil, while evil in fact reigns supreme in the real word.

We drop pennies into boxes or cast off clothes into charity shops, we post inspirational quotes on our face book wall, some post facts exposing corruption, challenging oppressive regimes, revealing the plights and conditions of the oppressed, then carry on working, paying taxes and consuming what are often the fruits of the very oppression they oppose.

But the next news tells us that, despite the outcry, even more right wing governments have been elected, even more children are raped or slaughtered, even more babies die of starvation and disease, even more extreme groups rampage in response to western interference or as they call it defending freedom.

Even heroes like Edward Snowden and others who choose to reveal some of the darkest secrets of the powerful elite seem to have little impact, nor Nelson Mandela, nor Desmond Tutu, nor the Dali Lama, nor Ghandi. The list is endless powerful minds speak out, make films give lectures, write books and move hearts.

Yet nothing changes, or at least not significantly.

Could it be that those comic book characters are a form of prayer a desperate plea for salvation?

After all most of the evil in the world is carried out, if not in the name a God, then by those who state that they believe in a god, who is, it is usually rumoured, possessed of super powers, all powerful.

What we need is Superman, we need the Avengers to assemble NOW, Spiderman where are you.

I can see no other way this mess is going get sorted, no way all this is not going to end badly.

Our superhero who art in comics……………….come and fucking save us.


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