On Being Human

On being Human.


I find it confusing when I see how much we, humankind, can and have achieved, and yet we still manufacture and make profit from arms that can blow a child in half, that can flatten a whole city in less than a minute.

I repeatedly ask myself the question, is humanity inherently incapable of peaceful co-existence? History would suggest that this is so.

Somewhere our evolution has become distorted. My guess is that this is due to a spiritual deficit in modern society, a void that is increasingly filled with concerns material. This unhealthy focus on material wealth and power, it could be argued, becomes obsessional, becomes equated with the instinct for survival, this in turn begets the violence and, importantly, the rationalisation and justification of the violence.

It should be impossible to justify the killing and maiming of children, surely the ability to rationalise this is an indication of an extreme societal illness. If an individual where to cut a child into pieces and then attempt to provide us with a rational explanation of why they did this we would know that they were psychotic and proceed accordingly, yet when a state does it, large (and powerful) sections of humankind accept this as necessary, support it and enable it.


Evolved ?


Francis de Aguilar©2015


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