The goose is fatted, the larder full and digital gifts abound.
Can I sit and feast while most of the world starves?
While my neighbours eat rotting pizza from a bin?
Can I fell a pagan tree of Jeremiah, and
wreathe it in energy consuming bedazzlement
while the planet gasps for breath.

What can I tell my self this excess is about?
Am I celebrating the birth of Jesus, the saviour,
while the christian and other slaughter rages?
Will my excess’s, contribute to this, pay their wages?
How many times will I hear “peace and goodwill.”
Can our world really be this ill?

Written by Francis de Aguilar. December 2014©



  1. I love this poem; very thought-provoking and most definitely relevant to the times. Please do keep writing! Thanks for the follow.


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