It happened six seconds from now.
In six seconds the past becomes the present
And then six seconds ago when the future was known
Albeit the past was/is/will fold (there may be a small pop)
We will be back, again, waiting for the past.

This of course is not a new phenomenon
It happens all the time (no pun intended)
I see your smile and wish to kiss you
I cannot resist but to try, you turn away
A sharp pain, as before, when you smiled.

You see six seconds is the time it takes
For you to move from irresistible
To resisting and clawing my heart
It’s not your fault, it’s my trap
You are the unwitting beautiful bait.

The worst of this entrapment’s spell
And it’s ardent hold on my life
Is your absence these last six years
Now from every smile that holds potential hurt
I turn away, six seconds before it happened.

Written by Francis de Aguilar©2014


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