Dedicated to Robin Williams 


Darkness, shade hopeless plight

Adrift in murk, tether gone

Sinking, fearing another fight

Sweet memories hurt the night


Tenuous hold, easy to slip

Rocked by faint wind

Sliding under cover, another dip

Be still, be still or lose the grip


Plunging, nausea, faces blurring

Behind impregnable gauze

Meaningless babble inferring

Fault within, self-incurring


Silent scream, burst to rage

Barely contained

Again and again, no gauge

No means, no fresh page


Separated by perception

Incompatible with life

No tuner, no reception

Incapable of deception


Day after day after day

Never above never below

Taunting melodies play

Then fade, to black give way


Breathe in breathe out

Pass time, don’t push

Wait, hold and endure doubt

Trapped in a spiritual drought.


Rushes in, closing out

Hope and heart

A word here, a look there

Such weight crushes light.


Held by impossible hope

Ready to cloak

Gates slam shut

At every turn.


Endure some more

It wont be long now

The night is coming

Sweet sleep eternal waits.


Written by Francis de Aguilar©2014













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