How to avoid rejection

How to avoid rejection 


A few simple rules

Will keep you from pain.


If you’re pushed away

Never go there again.


Avoid telling anyone

That they touch your heart.


To do so is risky

It can tear you apart.


It is better to reject

Than to be rejected.


So shut your heart first

To keep it protected.


When you feel drawn in

or you feel an attraction,


Push back, turn away

Seek out distraction.


They can only reject

That which is offered,


So hide your feelings

Let none be proffered.


Sure you’ll be lonely

And you’ll hurt inside,


But it’s less painful this way

With these rules applied.


You will begin to wonder

What it’s like to connect.


To have warmth and love

To be free to express.


To open your core

Reveal your hopes your heart.


To join with love

To share in equal part.


To know what it’s like

To be really visible,


Will mean the great risk

No longer invincible.


So you have to choose

What you want from life.


To be safe and level

To avoid all strife,


Or a life like a rollercoaster

Without control,


One that goes to the top

And has the chance to enthrall.


If this is for you

Then ignore my warnings,


Surrender your heart

Acquiesce to these yearnings.


Wave as you fly by

On you’re dangerous flight.


I will wave back

Though hidden from sight.


Written by Francis de Aguilar©2014


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