‘If our time comes, at least we will go together’

Sixteen Minutes to Palestine

Meet Fouad, to the left, and Rami. These are Malak’s older brothers. Fouad is a bundle of energy who sprints more than he walks. Rami takes a more passive approach to life, spending much of his time watching over his younger siblings or sitting quietly with his leukemic father, absorbing his resilience and nurturing him as best as his little hands will allow him to.

This is the third invasion of the Gaza Strip the two brothers have had to live through. There is no consistency in their lives. From frequent air strikes right next door to cancelled school days that turn to weeks, the closest things to normalcy they have ever had are their trips to the beach where the brief sting of the salty water in their eyes gets them to forget about their grey surroundings and shed the weight of living under siege. It’s a moment of…

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