Now you’re Gone

Now you’re gone.


I have no arms now you’re gone.

That they cannot encircle you

negates them entirely


I have no hands, without yours in mine

nothing is worth holding.

These hands do not now exist.


I have no fingers that cannot trace

the swells and valleys of you.

No fire will burn these absent fingers.


I have no eyes that see beyond you.

I am blind in a world

where you are not in sight.


I have no nose without your delicate scent.

No rose nor spice, no perfume floats

in the aroma-less stench that remains.


I have no ears without your velvet sigh.

The sound and song of you now silent

leaves only wretched cacophony.


I have no heart to beat alone.

Our rhythms that made divine tempo

now merely mechanical in isolation.


I have no mind, it escaped,

out through the void yours left behind.

Into nothingness I wander.


I have no body, no part of me intact.

I have no senses, no sensations.

I have no harmony, no melody.


My voice is a mournful refrain

redundant as it calls to emptiness.

Only you can hear my tune.


Your departure has scattered me.

Where we were whole, I am stripped.

Of us, there remains just a fading echo.


Written by Francis de Aguilar©2014


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