Shall I

Shall I



Shall I move, get on with, something,

What though? So many things need doing.

Make a list, prioritize, must get going.

Better get dressed then,

Better get going.




What’s this? A notification, a communication!

Just check this importance and then into motion.

So a face on the book has just had a look

At my witty retorts, my insightful remarks,

WHAT! IDIOT! That’s not what I meant.


This must be put right and right away

What will they think of the words that I say?

If I don’t reply and set this to right

It will seem like I’m wrong, I wont sleep tonight

There that’ll show em’, mess wi’ me, no way


Shall I move, get on with somthi….. Burleeep

Ah ha! the little red squares show somebody cares



Written by Francis de Aguilar©2014


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