Tell me

Tell Me.


Tell me I’m good

Tell me I’m clever

Tell me you like it

Tell me I’m right


Give me that lift

That approval gift

I need it like air

Without it I drift


Laugh at my jokes

Gasp at my wit

Nod at my wisdom

Ask for my name


I live for this stuff

I leak like a sieve

I can’t get enough

To feel some relief


My supply’s run dry

I’m empty inside

Left to myself

I can barely survive


So tell me I’m fine

Handsome and true

The things that I say

The deeds that I do


Are top of the tree

Are special and smart

Say you agree

I’m state of the art


Approvals my drug

I’ll pay the price

Never mind your hug

Just say something nice


I’m craving right now

I must have a hit

Tell me you love me

Tell me I’m it.


Written By Francis de Aguilar©.



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